Ways To Celebrate You When Your Birthday Falls Near a Holiday

Christmas is the very worst! If you share it with your birthday. Sharing your birthday with any holiday, in fact, means you may have your birthday completely forgotten or minimized by the spotlight of people’s other plans. The important thing to note here is that no one’s birthdays are always spectacular, whether you share them with a holiday season or not. Many people find themselves living lives where they have few friends to share the day, or it just never seems to go as planned and re-invent their birthday traditions to feel better about it. Here are some great ideas to celebrate you during holiday seasons!

Move Your Birthday To A More Convenient Day

Most people who share birthdays with holidays are forced to move theirs to a more convenient day or weekend, but you this suggestion takes this a step further by suggesting you move your birthday as far from the holiday as you want! Celebrate your half birthday if you want! If you truly want a “normal” birthday when people aren’t distracted or too busy to celebrate with you, then flip the script! Winter baby? Celebrate your birthday in the summer!

Re-invent Your Birthday Traditions

Some people opt to celebrate themselves alone. For introverts, this isn’t a lonely concept but a rejuvenating one. Treat yourself to a day at a spa and in a luxurious hotel room away from home one year. You might find that you really enjoy a stay-cation tradition for yourself.

Coerce Your Friends and Family To Celebrate

Take advantage of friend’s and family’s giving mood and desire to purchase things for themselves as well as help you earn product by hosting a multi-level marketing product birthday party. Multi-level marketing companies are those that sell products not sold in stores but instead by representatives. Popular MLM products include makeup, lipstick, cleaning products, Tupperware, jewelry, essential oils, and much more. This party can even be hosted virtually, online in the form of a Facebook event. Representatives do a great job of introducing the company and its products and utilize interactive games. During the Christmas holiday, this offers a cool way for people to purchase gifts for people on their own lists and items for themselves, purchases that help you earn free product for your birthday.

It’s also a popular option to turn your birthday into a charitable event such as a raffle, pub crawl, etc. Tugging at the heart strings is an effective way to coerce guests to your party and give you the attention you long for. Also, giving them a theme to dress up for is irresistible to guests.

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