Questions To Ask Yourself About Aging In Your Home

Is your home one level or two?

One level homes are much more suitable for the aging home owner, but modifications can make a two level suitable as well. If you live in a two level home you may want to consider how you can re-arrange to live solely on the main level in the future or install a stair lift.

Is your home arranged for optimal mobility?

If you have limited mobility or are in a wheel chair, you might also consider re-arranging kitchen and bathroom counter tops and cupboards so that you have access to the items you use most. A professional cleaning service specializing in organization or a people moving company that offers this service can assist you in designing the space. Also moving and simplifying your furniture selection will help you to get around and create a more peaceful visual for you.

Do you have all the possible home adjustments made to make your life as easy as possible?

Installing grab bars, grip tape, shower chairs and the best flooring options (no rugs and carpet rather than hardwood, vinyl or tiles) will help an aging senior tremendously. Also enhancing light and decorating with real or quality silk plants can elevate the senior’s mood.

Is the home being properly maintained?

Are you able to properly maintain the home? This means you are able to identify the problems, do light cleaning and repairs and hire outside help for the big jobs. If you cannot carry out these responsibilities or your home is too large, you might consider moving into a more manageable space or one that has site managers.

Is your community rich with businesses that offer senior friendly services?

Does the grocery store deliver? Are there many cleaning services with reasonable rates available? Are there enough transportation companies that meet your specific needs and have wheelchair accessibility? These are all the minimum of services you might require as you age. Consider any conditions you have or tasks you find difficult or tiresome now to make a list of any possible problems you might have in the future and then research services in your area that might remedy them for you.

At every age in our lives we require different kinds of assistance. Seniors require help, just as young people do. Designing your second half of life should be empowering. It’s full of choices and opportunities to personalize how your time is spent and how you’ll feel. It’s never too early to foresee issues and plan for them. You should feel great about this preparation just like you have felt great about taking responsibility for your life’s path in the past.

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