Preschoolers Have An Effect On The Elderly Residents Of A Nursing Home

What Happens When The Very Young Get Paired With The Elderly?

150616_abc_present_perfect_trailer3_16x9_992kisThere have been many methods in treating the elderly, of which some have worked very well, and some not so much. The effectiveness of programs depends on a variety of factors, but usually the quality of care is one of the most important and vital pieces to the puzzle of elderly aid. It is not easy in dealing with elderly people sometimes, as some terrible diseases have clouded the minds of many senior citizens, which has made them very senile and skeptical of care. In Seattle, Washington a new kind of approach has emerged, which deals with the pairing of preschool children with the elderly. This method has had a profound effect on elderly people for many reasons. Here are couple reasons why this pairing works so well, and some of the prominent effects it has had on elderly people.

What Are The Results Of The Pairing?

Basically, this pairing works well for many reasons. For one, to many people, kids bring with them a joy that is very infectious. Highlighted in the film produced at the location of the event (Providence Mount St. Vincent) called Present Perfect, the clips show a mostly warm response to the children by the senior citizens, an opposite reaction for many senior citizens that were limited to caregivers and caretakers. The film highlights that before the children met the senior citizens, the elderly were mostly resigned to depressed or pity feelings, but with the introduction of the children and their warm spirit’s, in addition to their enjoying entertainment, these feelings were quickly reversed. The creator of the film, who also funded and shot the film by herself, was able to raise enough money to edit the film (50,000) to cover the editing costs of the film. The creator is Evan Briggs, a professor at Seattle University, who made the film to show a simplified approach in keeping quality care for the elderly, by making an approach that was reachable. The film showcases the powerful relationship between old and young, with the elderly offering some much wisdom and advice, and in return the preschoolers offering their ears and attention. This film may work in bringing to attention the genius idea that the movie is showcasing, and with some time, it may not be long before more schools are implementing this policy.

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