Home Decor To Lift Your Spirit

Sprucing up your home decor is one way to deal with an uncomfortable move or transition in your life or dealing with any sadness or sedentary feelings. These ideas are straight from home interior experts and are sure to give you an immediate impact of peace, comfort, and joy.

Inviting Bedding

A comforter set can make a bedroom. It’s important to choose a set that speaks to you. Load up the bed with all possible accessories that are important to you; the comforter, a nap blanket, pillow shams, accent pillows, matching sheets and a bed skirt. The bed is the focal point of the room, so you can’t mess up decorating the rest of the space if the bed is extravagant. You’ll be glad you did!

Color Therapy

40% of people said they’d feel better if they added color to the home. This doesn’t have to be done in obvious ways. You have many options. First, you can add color by painting walls. If you want less commitment, you can add colored textiles with furniture, rugs, or drapes or even less commitment with decorative pieces like vases, pillows or wall art. If you are interested in the science of color connection to emotion, you can look up the feelings induced by certain colors and incorporate what best suits your current needs. Light green, blue, and lavender are the most common colors to relax their beholders. Yellow induces energy and happiness, red appetite and vitality, and a bold blue productivity.

Special Focal Point Furniture

One special piece of furniture intuitively picked out by a homeowner can be a source of great joy. Maybe this is an antique clock or hutch that speaks to you about the importance of time or special memories made with family using the special occasion dishes. It could be a velvet stool used for only one simple purpose, putting on your socks and shoes, that makes you feel royal. Maybe it’s a desk that makes you feel successful or genius.

House Plants

Especially if you are living alone, having living things in the home are very uplifting. For people who can’t have or don’t want pets, house plants make great companions. Science even says they benefit from your talking to them or listening to music! If you don’t have a green thumb, easy plants that improve the air quality are Spider plants and Ivy. You might also opt for a small easy to care for pet, like Goldfish.

Get Rid Of Negative Impacts

46% of people who disliked a room said it was linked to the lighting. Lighting is based entirely on preference, so you might prefer brighter lighting or dimmer lighting. You can achieve this with adding sources of light and choosing their shades wisely. Another thing that bothers 22% of people is the lack of organization in their home. The best way to combat this energy drain is to take note of the things that pile up and where they pile up. Is it arts and crafts supplies? Bills and mailings? Clothes? Books? Nik-naks? Most of these things can be organized simply by putting together a book shelf and getting decorative baskets that please your eye. You can employ the color therapy suggestion by using matching colored bins, softer, cottagey feeling baskets, or an in-between option, baskets lined with colorful fabric.

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