Healthy New year for seniors

In-Home Care For a Healthy 2015 New Year!

Healthy New year for seniorsNew Year’s makes us evaluate how we are living, and ways we can improve our quality of life. Perhaps, you have a loved one who is requiring more assistance to safely accomplish tasks that were once easily completed. As people age, they need more care to prevent injury and live longer, healthier and happier lives. However, they usually aren’t excited about moving to a Senior Care Facility. Elders prefer to remain in their homes for as long as possible because that is where they are most comfortable. In-home care is the perfect alternative to nursing facilities because it allows your loved one to do just that!!

As we head into 2015, it is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the living situations of your aging loved ones, and make plans for healthier ways to enjoy life together in the coming year! Check out these helpful tips and ideas to get started off right!

1. Falling is always a big concern for seniors. A great way to eliminate potential risks that you might not even realize exist in your loved one’s home environment, is to have a Tender Hearts Senior Care Consultant inspect the home. In-home caregivers can help to reduce and eliminate clutter by organizing and storing items for easier and safer access. They will meet with you and your family to determine a customized “fall free plan” and discuss ways to maintain a clutter free environment year round.
2. With in-home care support the likelihood of your loved one sustaining preventable injuries goes way down. Caregivers can be brought in to provide essential support at times when accidents are most likely to occur, such as bathing. They also provide fun and interactive exercise routines for your loved one so that they can remain strong and reduce the risks of serious injury.
3. In 2015, a huge priority for you and your loved one should be preventative care, and this means routine doctor appointments and check-ups. In-home caregivers can provide transportation and help to schedule recommended screenings for your loved one.
4. In-home caregivers help your loved one to manage medication intake wisely. This means making sure they aren’t taking any unnecessary, or conflicting medications and supplements and reminding your loved one to take them properly and on schedule.
5. In-home care provides so much more than just assistance with tasks. Tender Hearts Caregivers will help your loved one stay motivated. They provide support and accountability and help the entire family set and achieve realistic health goals. We recommend instituting 1-2 small but measurable changes for a healthy new year, and we will be there in so many different ways to help make life more enjoyable and manageable so that you can really love the valuable time you get to spend with your aging loved one.

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