Fun Ways To Keep In Touch With Long Distant Family

Sometimes being distant from your family and friends can become hard, but reinventing the experience and making a hobby of making it fun again can really put off these feelings of disappointed until the next time you’re able to meet again! Bless someone by sharing this article with someone who finds themselves having a difficult time in a long distance relationship, and try implementing the suggestions yourself.


Especially around the holidays, people really appreciate a lengthy newsletter telling family members what you’re up to; your current hobbies, how you’re feeling, something they never knew like something you’d always dreamed of doing, what you’re currently looking forward to, who is new and important in your life, and so on. Twice per year, you can make a winter newsletter and a summer newsletter to keep your contact constant and encourage them to share their lives with you, too, even though you are distant relatives.

Get Familiar With Skype

Video chatting can be easily accomplished through Skype or Facebook messenger now, so take advantage. It’s the next best thing to gathering with your family IRL (“in real life”). If you think an occasion arises where it would be nicer to just talk in real time, invite them to video chat with you. Times this is appropriate might be when something special has happened, if your family member is in need of advice, to see the kids or meet someone new.

Set a Countdown for Your Next Visit

Phone apps and websites have the ability to make you a personalized event countdown til the next time you will meet your family in person. You can create one and share it with your family to raise the excitement and have the constant reminder of your never-ending, oh-so-important connection.

Collect for Care Packages

Always keep care packages in the back of your mind, when you visit someplace cool and you can pick up a little souvenir, something handmade from a farmer’s market, or when you are browsing a retail store’s clearance section. You know how uplifting receiving a care package can be, and it can be quite inexpensive to create one if you gather the contents over time. Even 3 or 4 little items in a small box with some decorative filler can be extra special for the recipient to get from time to time.

Letter Ideas

Sometimes writing letters can fall flat, but it doesn’t have to be! Some interesting letter ideas can be found online, including one where you share your bucket list and ask them for theirs. This will give you topics to talk about over the phone! Also, sending letters with “open when” instructions can be really fun. This will build anticipation and bless an area it will sit, waiting to be read. Remember the days of passing notes in school and writing love letters to your first boyfriend or girlfriend? What were some special ways you marked those messages? Kissing it with lipstick, spraying it with your perfume, or folding it into origami shapes are some ways I remember them standing out.

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