Fashion Knows No Age

Purchase Quality Everyday Wears

We’ve bought enough China made garbage in our lives to realize that quality matters with some purchasable items. Invest in your wardrobe with some high quality everyday wear items such as a purse and shoes. Don’t hold back! Not only purchase a purse that has ‘YOU’ written all over it, but be sure you love its functionality too.

Comfortable Black Ankle Boots

Sometimes referred to as “booties”, a comfortable pair of boots that reach and support your ankle is a must-have. You will feel like you can handle anything in a good pair of ass kicking boots. You’d be amazed at their versatility; being able to be dressed up or down. You may find that they quickly become your favorite, so invest in a high-quality pair because you can expect to wear them frequently!

A Comfortable Blazer

Comfort is key, but you don’t have to compromise style in any department. A blazer can be worn professionally, and also these days, casually. A blazer can replace a traditional jacket in cold weather, it can be worn now with jeans and a t-shirt or with a nice blouse for occasions you need to look professional too. Consider more wild colors, but in pastel tones, or just black if that’s more your style. Experiment with fabrics, too. There are some high quality looking soft fabric or cotton blazers that will be more comfortable and easier to wash than your traditional blazer.

The Crisp White Shirt

The old advice has gone ‘every woman should own a white button down shirt”. This accentuates your natural beauty and skin tone. Make sure the fit is loose enough to be comfortable and keep clean of heavy sweating, and don’t be afraid to choose a shirt with some embellishment or style.

The Best Fit Skirt

The best skirt shape for any figure is a wrap skirt! Google search wrap skirt and switch to the shopping tab to see both local and online retailers of wrap skirts, and note or buy what you like. These skirts are typically higher wasted, showing off your waist and shape, and the perfect length to show just enough leg.

Spruce Up Your Wardrobe with Printed Scarves and Accessories

If you already have a big wardrobe and don’t necessarily want to add more pieces to it, you can dress up what you already have with some versatile accessories. This article’s favorite accessory is the printed scarf. What color do people most compliment you on when you are wearing it? Find a scarf that has a printed pattern in this color family and rock it with your plainest dresses and pant sets. Another fun way to dress up a drab wardrobe is with brighter costume jewelry. Either in the form of a statement necklace or large, interesting earrings. Go to your favorite department store or mall with statement jewelry in mind and let yourself buy what you’re drawn to.

Dressing yourself up once a week can bring your joy and express yourself to others!

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