You CAN Stay In Your Home

There are many factors to consider when comparing staying in your home to moving into an assisted living facility, but this article highlights the most important points of consideration. If you have these points dialed in you might be a good candidate to stay in your home. If not, you may be able to make some adjustments to make it more a possibility. If all the necessary elements are not in your current equation, you might welcome the idea of an easier living situation by shopping around for a suitable home and community!

Your Home’s Accessibility and Condition

One level homes are much more suitable for the aging homeowner, but modifications can make a two level suitable as well. If you live in a two level home you may want to consider how you can re-arrange to live solely on the main level in the future or install a stair lift. The home should be properly maintained to ensure its integrity, so cleaning and repairs must also be arranged for if you cannot carry out the tasks yourself. And lastly, proper safety precautions and proofing should be evident throughout your home. Products such as hand rails installed, shower chairs, grip stickers in the bath tub, night lights, and a medical alert system should be in place. Under the Title III of the Older Americans Act, you may be eligible for funds to make any modifications to your home to make it suitable for you.


If your home is in livable condition for an elderly person, your finances have to accommodate paying your rent or mortgage and any services that you’ll need. It will help to write down any money you have saved, income you bring in, assistance available to you, and your monthly bills and personal care expenses so you know whether staying in your home will be feasible with your current budget.

Availability of In-Home Care Services

Aging in your home is somewhat contingent on whether your community or hometown is “aging friendly”. The most important services needed will be any in-home care you employ. In-home care services provide you with assistance with your personal care and hygiene, cooking or delivering meals, light cleaning, possibly medical services, and more. Luxurious services can include home meal delivery and running you around town to do errands, or doing them for you! Some towns or cities do not have an abundance of elderly friendly services and this will need to be considered if you want to stay in your home.

It’s also important to consider your family’s schedules and availability. What are they willing and able to assist you with and how frequently? Will they be a reliable source of help for you? Or would you feel more comfortable knowing there is a service always available in your times of need?


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