Best Girls Night Out Ideas for Senior Women

Having regular girl’s nights out are important, not just for the obvious reason; having fun. The benefits of having a regular girl’s night out are even more abundant when you consider how you’ll spend this sliver of your time not having to meet anyone’s expectations and be unapologetically your whole self. And more importantly, this precious time is a time to spend with other women who know how you feel, deeply and personally, but don’t need to talk about it. It’s a a very important missing piece to your self-care regimen. Once you return to your life after a fun girl’s night out, you feel more refreshed, and conflicts and challenges that seemed like a big deal before, do not. The people in your life who may have forgotten you are a human being like everyone else, too, will experience change. It’s healthy for them to see you this way and for you to experience the fun involved with being adult again.

Paint Night

Paint night is a popular choice for obvious reasons. Drinking good wine, laughing and painting can be an extremely healing process in such a short time. Wine and painting studios are popping up all over America. You can search ‘wine and paint’ online and view their schedules by which paintings they will instruct you to “follow along with” that night. You can also create your own wine and paint event in your apartment building, senior care facility, or just in your home with some of your favorite ladies. If you favor non-alcoholic beverages, you can always sub wine for juice blends or sparkling Italian sodas.


Deep relaxation is not just for the home, but can be carried into a great girl’s day trip to the spa. You can inexpensively get pampered right along side your girlfriends in massage chairs. Pick your polish color and get lunch when you’re done! Pretty feet can go along way in the confidence department. Bring or wear your favorite sandals, and wear capris if you like. You can also shop for sandals or other accessories/jewelry to show off your toesies that day. Expect compliments!

Boutique Shopping

There is something super quaint and luxurious about shopping in an old town, down town, or boutiqu-esque part of town. Even if just window shopping, or collecting a ton of boutique shopping bags with pretty tissue paper sticking out from them, something about boutique style shopping is always so “in”. Dress the part with a designer scarf and sunglasses.

Cinema and Dress to Impress

Choose the best movie now playing and invite your girlfriends to dress in accordance with the movie. Going to the cinema once was a very special outing. Treat it as such on this night and take plenty of pictures together so you don’t quickly forget how glamorous and lively you all are- which brings me to this article’s next suggestion for capturing the night perfectly.

Have a Memorabilia Night

Here are some fun suggestions for capturing your girl’s night out. Take disposable cameras with you, so you can later laugh at your developed film! You can also create or google a short list of scavenger hunt items to increase the fun, and take pictures with the items or people you find. Another fun way to capture your night with your favorite women is for all of you to bring lipstick colors that best represent your personality (or you can complete this piece of artwork at a lipstick counter). Bring along a frame and piece of white paper. Each woman is to kiss the paper wearing her favorite lipstick and sign it with a sharpie. She can also write her favorite quote on it!

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