Best Date Night Ideas for Senior Couples

Have you found yourself in the dating pond after 50? There are plenty of fish in that sea! So much so, that our readership is in need of some great ideas for a date night that will be really fun for both parties. Here are our best ideas!

When you know what you like

If you know what you like, why not share a hobby with your date? If you like art, why not introduce your date to your favorite gallery or take them to a painting class? Whatever it is you enjoy, you’re date will get to know you better than if you did something plain, like a dinner and a movie, and you will feel more comfortable, too! This is a great idea for those who are perhaps, picky, about where a date would take them, or a dater who is really nervous to be out there again.

Try something new

One or both of you might suggest trying something new! Maybe you could pull up a web page of restaurants in your neighborhood, and ask each other over the phone which you both have or haven’t been to. If you’re the one willing to try something new, ask them what their hobbies are and if they are willing to share one with you in the form of a date!

Double Date

If you are fortunate enough to know a dating or married couple, ask your date if they are open to a double! The more, the merrier, they say and you might have more fun than you’ve had in years. This is a great idea for someone who is worried they may not have enough to say, or that the date could be awkward in any way.

Take a Class

Both parties can benefit from taking a class together. Perhaps you can go to a preliminary coffee date and go through a community education catalog together. Together, you can laugh about all the topics and how you’d fair in the class. Through this process, you’ll learn much more about each other and feel young again in the setting.


If having a big heart is a quality that’s really important to you, suggesting a volunteer opportunity can really vet prince charming from Rumplestiltskin. If you think it may be too much to ask your date to practically work during a first date, maybe there is a community event that supports a cause you can take them to and get a feel for their attitude toward it.


If your health is important to you, or you want to ease into physical things with your date, getting a little sweaty might be a great way to introduce your date to your body and how you like it treated. It doesn’t have to be rigorous! It can be as easy as strolling through a beautiful park.

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