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Why We Walk To End Alzheimer’s

Affects of Alzheimers Disease Alzheimer’s Disease affects more than five million people in America today. There is no current cure for the disease, which generally manifests itself as dementia, and gets worse over time. It is not a natural part of aging, so we walk to raise funds for treatment, care, and awareness of the […]

Caring for Seniors suffering from Social Isolation!

ACTIONABLE PLAN: How You Can Help Seniors Avoid Social Isolation As people age, they are vulnerable to a plethora of health ailments. Making matters worse are certain realities that are not conducive to health or happiness. Social isolation is one such reality that can take a toll on seniors. It can affect health, happiness, level […]

Anytime is the Right Time to Find your Passion

Finding Your Passion Later in Life We have heard of child prodigies. There are people who have become celebrated singers in their teens, amazing musicians even before graduating college, billionaires in their twenties and thirties despite being dropouts and now we also have kids younger than twelve having their own enterprises, making toys and games, […]

How to Age Successfully?

Take Action for Successful Aging Ageing is a wonderful experience when one toggles through teens, adolescence and young adulthood. Ageing becomes discomforting in thirties and forties. As one inches closer to retirement, ageing can be fun or it can be horrifying. It all boils down to some simple realities. Health, finances, relationships with family and […]

Initiating the Undesirable but Necessary End-of-Life Conversations!

End-of-Life Conversations: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late Death is inevitable. The moment you accept that truth, you would begin to see life through a different prism. Most people spend most of their lifetimes thinking that they would live forever. That is not an undesirable way to live life because it allows one to have […]

The Ideal Pets for Seniors!

The Best Pets for Seniors Pets can be wonderful companions. They can make you smile when you are sad, they can keep you occupied for hours and you would always have someone around so you wouldn’t feel alone. Pets are also a great pastime, whether you are playing with them or just attending to their […]

It’s Not too Late to Get Moving!

Exercise can Prevent & Limit the Effects of Dementia! More seniors are getting diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s and different kinds of mild cognitive impairment than ever before. While there is no known cure for most mild cognitive impairments, there are many ways to prevent them, to limit their effects and to manage the symptoms. There […]

Have More Time With Elderly Parents/Grandparents By Being More Organized

Be Organized to Make Time for Elderly Parents/Grandparents Caring for elderly parents or grandparents can be quite daunting. There are numerous challenges. They may not live very near to your place. You would have your professional and social commitments. If you have kids, then you have a ton of responsibility in addition to all that […]

Preschoolers Have An Effect On The Elderly Residents Of A Nursing Home

What Happens When The Very Young Get Paired With The Elderly? kisThere have been many methods in treating the elderly, of which some have worked very well, and some not so much. The effectiveness of programs depends on a variety of factors, but usually the quality of care is one of the most important and […]