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Christmas Favorites From The 60s

In the decade that we put our first Americans on the moon around the Holiday Season, many Christmas traditions were created; some you’ll remember no matter your age because you still see them today, and others, you may not. Let’s explore some favorites from the decade. The Emergence of Christmas Cartoons By the mid 60s, […]

Easter History and Reflections

Like many of the nationally recognized holidays, Easter has many origins. Knowing all of them can add to your appreciation of the holiday and enhance your plans for the day. In Christian traditions, Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ rising from his death on the crucifix. The day is also known as Resurrection Sunday […]

4 More Scams That Target The Elderly

One of approximately 10,000 people a day 65 or older falls victim to another old scam targeting the elderly. Elderly make great targets because they often own their own home, retirement funds, soft hearts from their trusting upbringing of the 40s, 50s, and 60s, and their inability to provide the best testimonials for prosecution in […]

4 Popular Scams That Target The Elderly

Fraud against seniors is so bad the FBI has a division dedicated to it. Seniors make great targets to predators because they often have a lot of money in their banks, excellent credit, and own their own home. Those raised in the 30s, 40s, and 50s were raised to be polite and are much more […]

The Health Benefits Tomato Has To Offer

On some lists the tomato is considered a super food and for good reason. Tomato is not just a good source of more than 22 nutrients, but it also functions beyond providing them. Tomatoes are well known cancer fighters, fight the signs of aging, and preserve your natural beauty in countless ways. Let’s look at […]

Best Foods For Youthful Skin

Oats and Whole Grains Oats and whole grains are recommended for skin because they are low glycemic, meaning they don’t spike the blood sugar when eaten. High glycemic carbohydrates can have the opposite effect on your skin, giving you acne and wrinkles. Oats specifically carry a chemical that reduces skin inflammation and prevents damage. Oranges […]

5 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Incorporate Today

As we age, our diets usually become less rich in the things we need because of a decline in appetite, ability to taste, chew well, etc. Just as important as the diet in food, is our water intake. The thirsty sensation we feel in our youth might dull as we age and we have to […]

Home Decor To Lift Your Spirit

Sprucing up your home decor is one way to deal with an uncomfortable move or transition in your life or dealing with any sadness or sedentary feelings. These ideas are straight from home interior experts and are sure to give you an immediate impact of peace, comfort, and joy. Inviting Bedding A comforter set can […]