Anytime is the Right Time to Find your Passion

Finding Your Passion Later in Life

elderly senior passionWe have heard of child prodigies. There are people who have become celebrated singers in their teens, amazing musicians even before graduating college, billionaires in their twenties and thirties despite being dropouts and now we also have kids younger than twelve having their own enterprises, making toys and games, publishing stories and even artwork.

There is no right time to find your passion. Some people realize their true potential when they are young. Some people don’t get to find their passion when they are busy trying to cater to their responsibilities, living life as they should in accordance to expectations and norms. Even if you have been in a profession that was your true calling, what is to deny you the right to find something else that you can be passionate about as well?

Ageing is not all about losing your charm, shunning activity, forgetting how to live and steadily entering a monotonous, unhappy and ailing phase. Ageing can be fun, rewarding, engaging and very satiating if you can find something that you would be passionate about and good at. Let us explore some possibilities.

Finding Your Passion Later in LifeYou can use your skills or talents that you have honed over the years for many productive purposes. You can use your knowledge in a subject and coach kids. You can get paid for it or you can choose to be a volunteer helping out the underprivileged children. You can use any such skill you have, from roofing to plumbing, lawn mowing to programming. In this case, you are not finding a new passion but just using your existing strengths for constructive outcomes.

You can venture into a new realm and experiment with yourself. You can try your hands at painting, music or writing. Simply because someone had told you that your artworks are poor when you were thirteen doesn’t mean that your painting skills are the same. It is also possible that you have never truly tried to hone your skills. It is quite possible that you were not good at writing a short story, poem or a novel when you tried it the last time but years of experience and having lived a lifetime may have transformed you into a storyteller. The same goes for music. You may suddenly master the violin.

Then there is a plethora of passionate pastimes such as gardening, home remodeling, cooking, babysitting and many such wonderful productive experiences.


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