7 Ideas for your Summer Bucket List

With summer around the corner, don’t let it just whiz by without having done what you wanted to do with your sunny time. Here are 7 suggestions that are highly adaptable and satisfying!

Adopt a Plant

Some of us don’t have the greatest green thumb, but we can at least care for a well-established, mature plant. Plants offer great therapy, both visually and beneath the surface. If living alone, having another living thing in the area that’s also your responsibility can really brighten your day. Since it’s scientifically proven to promote healthy growth in plants, you can even talk to it! If you do have a green thumb, you can start your own herbal garden. Highly adaptable to different environments, herb gardens can be really creatively made in small living spaces or outside.

Try A Summer Recipe Like Sun-Brewed Tea

If you are a foodie, you should enjoy searching for refreshing summer drinks, snacks, and meals. Find something that is as simple or as complex if you like. Create a snack or meal for 2, or a whole dinner party! If the ladder, you can really honor summer by eating outside! If the sun has gone down, pull out your tucked-away Christmas lights and really set the mood. Make it playful with blankets and pillows like a picnic, or fancy with a table and settings.

Drive To The Nearest National Park and Hike A New Trail

If you live near a national park and have gone several times, hike a new trail. Challenge yourself to see it with new eyes! Nature is always a treat. Be sure to support the staff and rangers by making a donation,visiting the gift shop, or having lunch there. You can also consider beginning a new hobby, such as bird watching, identifying plants, or nature photography.

Research and Visit a Museum

Museums and art galleries are often strictly funded by charging admission and private donations. Support these local educational and entertaining facilities by visiting one you have never gone to, or one you have that has changed its display.

Volunteer or Attend A Charitable Event

The sun rays will have you feeling more energized than over the winter. Use your newfound youth to serve others and feel even better! Community gardens allow you to enjoy the agreeable weather while also delivering you the therapeutic benefits of working with your hands. Don’t forget the big sunhat and knee pad!

Commit to Loving your Beach Body

Go once to a beach and agree not to care what you look like or compare yourself to others. This mindset mastery can be applied to other situations, too! If you don’t like your legs or your arms, where something that exposes them or find a way to become more comfortable with your parts. You’re body takes care of you! You should love it back.

Host an Ice Cream Social

Do you remember when you were a kid and your school hosted an ice cream social? You can do the same with your family or community. Pick up single serve ice cream cups, or a couple kinds of gallon ice cream, and everyone’s favorite toppings. This is sure to be a treat for everyone! Just like those frozen yogurt shops but at home, your guests will love over indulging and creating their own ice cream sundaes. Challenge them to also name their sundaes, write the name on an index card, and take photos of the creation to remember the day!

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